Global Warming


Waiting for the Sun
We had May gray, June gloom, July whatever and now it’s August and we are still waiting for the sun. The tomato crop is smaller this year. Same for the squash and I’m still waiting for the pole beans to bloom. The strawberries actually did well but the rabbits got half of the plants. Sigh.

For the past several years scientists have been telling us global cooling has begun. Back in 2009 a NASA satellite showed a dramatic cooling in the upper atmosphere that correlates with the declining phase of the current solar cycle and a decrease in the amount of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the Sun. In addition, the amount of infrared radiation emitted from the upper atmosphere has decreased by nearly a factor of 10 since early 2002. The upper atmosphere has cooled substantially and solar activity has not picked up since then. Get out the long underwear.

Despite no global warming in 10 years and record setting cold in 2007-2008, President Obama is pushing hard to get a global warming agenda in place and will continue to bypass Congress to force us all to pour global taxes into the giant black hole of corruption called the United Nations. We all know by now that the sun drives the climate. Guess Obama didn’t get the memo.
Enjoy ‪Celtic Woman – The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun‬: