Winter Weather


Baby It’s Cold Outside
For the past few months we’ve had some pretty extreme weather all over the planet. Europe has been getting slammed with wind, rain and snow, India is getting hit with one cyclone after another, the U.S. has had its share of freezing weather and Brazil is preparing for more mudslides.

NASA recently released studies explaining the sun as the driving force of climates on the earth and the other planets in our solar system. The current solar cycle, with few sunspots and a reduced magnetic field, is the weakest in 100 years. Low solar activity has a profound effect on the Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA scientists have also discovered large breaches in the earth’s magnetosphere that have allowed solar wind particles to enter the earth’s atmosphere so we should expect more dramatic swings in our weather patterns.

According to Dr. Neil Hutton, director of Friends of Science:
“The geomagnetic activity of earth and that of the sun are interrelated and their interplay also affects climate. Theoretically, a weaker solar magnetic field could allow the penetration of more cosmic rays which directly affect cloud cover and climate. This has been demonstrated by the recently completed CLOUD experiment at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.”

In other words, we are going into a “little ice age.”

The Little Ice Age from about 1500 to 1850, was also preceded by low sunspot activity. During that time, cooler temperatures, more clouds and more rain caused massive crop failures all across Europe, which led to famines and wars.

Anyway, winters are getting colder and summers are getting warmer. The earth’s climate is always changing and it makes more sense for us to adjust to the changes rather than listen to the global warming wackos in tin foil hats that want to change the universe to accommodate Earth. I’m sure the alarmists can figure out ways to make money from a new ice age.

In the meantime enjoy Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt with their interesting version of – Baby It’s Cold Outside: