Can You Hear Me Now?
If you believe the global media, Cuba is a crumbling communist regime with sunny beaches, wonderful music and poor, but happy people.

They never mention that Cuba has some big time Signal Intelligence facilities all over the island. The Russians built the spy bases, which uses Chinese  satellites to intercept telephone communications in the US. They can do more than listen, though. They have the ability to interfere with computer networks, change electronic files and, more importantly, change output commands of computers used to control infrastructure facilities.

The state-of-the-art signals intelligence post in Bejucal, just west of Havana, includes a large array of satellite dishes and antennas spread over about 28 square miles – all just a little more than 90 miles from the Florida coast.

In the mid 90’s, as the Russians were constructing the facility, the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, was telling President Bill Clinton that he was committed to democracy and the free market, and friendship with the United States. Yes, the same Boris Yeltsin who got so drunk during a presidential visit with the Clintons in Washington, he was found standing outside the White House in his underpants, trying to hail a taxi so he could go out for a pizza. I’m still trying to erase that image from my mind.

The big question is, if President Obama can successfully open trade negotiations with Cuba, will he let them take over Guantanamo? The U.S. has operated a base there since 1915. It might be a good idea to stay there to monitor what Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are listening to.

In the meantime, enjoy our favorite Cuban import, Gloria Estefan – Reach:

Where is Chavez?


Weekend at Hugo’s
Last month Hugo Chavez returned to Cuba for more cancer treatments. The Venezuelan President’s cancer has spread and his future isn’t looking good. Last week a rush of family and friends flew to Cuba to be with the ailing leader. Since that time, there hasn’t been any news about Chavez’s condition. It’s apparent the man will not be in Venezuela for his re-election swearing-in ceremony on Thursday.  Is he alive? Is he dead? Will the people around him pull “a Bernie?” Ya’ never know.

In case you don’t know what “a Bernie” is, you have to see the movie Weekend at Bernie’s. It’s a story about two employees of an insurance company who go to the owner of the company to inform him that they’ve uncovered some insurance fraud. When the two arrive at Bernie’s beach house they find their boss dead. Afraid they’ll be accused of the murder the two employees manipulate Bernie’s dead body to appear as though he is still alive. It’s a very funny movie.

Here’s the trailer for Weekend at Bernie’s: