Waiting for El Nino

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Last fall, Californians were warned by “the experts” to prepare for El Nino. We were told where to get our sandbags, how to prepare an emergency kit – which most Californians have anyway, and to make sure we had alternate escape routes planned – just in case. Time to build an ark!

Well, the rain finally came.

The reservoirs are full, the Sierras have snow, surfs been up, and the hills are green. Everybody’s happy even though the rain stopped several weeks ago.

The other day, while watching the weather report, the presenter told us “Even though it looks like a storm front is headed our way, don’t expect rain because it was a “dry storm.” Huh?

Who knew a storm could be dry?

Anyway, the “dry storms” have brought us daytime temperatures in the high 80’s, Santana winds are beginning to blow and I’m getting shocked by static electricity every time I touch metal.

It looks like El Nino has left town and the “experts” have just told us to get ready for “La Nina.”

In the meantime, enjoy Sting singing Heavy Clouds No Rain:


A Great Idea From the Ancient Greeks


When All Else Fails, Ostracize
Ancient Greece, specifically Athens, is considered to be the birthplace of democracy. The early Athenians passed down many great gifts to western civilization, including philosophy, science, sculpture, architecture, and the theater. But their most enduring contribution has to be the form of government known as democracy: rule by the people. It took one revolution after another to get rid of the small groups of the rich and powerful families, but eventually the people prevailed – if only for a couple of hundred years.

“It is called a government of the people (demokratia) because we live in consideration of not the few, but of the majority.” –  Thucydides on Pericles’ view of democracy, 450 BCE

Back then the citizens of Athens took their politics seriously and if a politician became overly ambitious or tyrannical they could be voted out in the famous unpopularity contest called ostracism. It was a simple procedure. Once a year there was a vote to determine if a politician was becoming too powerful and might threaten the democracy. If at least 6,000 votes were cast the man with the most votes lost and was sent into exile for 10 years. It’s time to ostracize San Diego’s disgusting mayor, Bob “who looks like the devil” Filner. Don’t dramatize, ostracize!

Enjoy the Rolling Stones ‪performing Sympathy For The Devil at Glastonbury, May 2013:‬


June Gloom in July
“Late night and early morning low clouds and fog along the coast, clearing by noon.” The weatherman hasn’t changed the forecast for this time of year in Southern California since I was a kid.

We start with May gray, move into June gloom and, even though the foggy conditions continue into July, we still don’t have a catchy term for it.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, we took dad to the beach yesterday and the only people not wearing beach cover-ups or sweatshirts were the tourists. I just checked the current ocean temp off the San Diego coast and it’s a teeth chattering 64°F (18C).

While we wait for the sun to appear, enjoy Katy Perry singing about California Gurls:

Photo by Scott Randall


Winter Road through the Forest

Hitting the Road for the Holidays
The AAA projects 93.3 million Americans (29.5 percent of the population) will travel 50 miles or more from home during the holidays.

Those who choose to travel by air will find the planes a bit more full and prices slightly higher than last year. Oh, and the joy of either being zapped by an x-ray machine or having a total stranger put his hands in your pants.

That said, we don’t have to drive anywhere this year because we are having the family here for Christmas. I checked the long-range weather forecast and we might have rain, but the weather service, that used to be quite accurate, is now wrong most of the time. Go figure.

Anyway, I won’t plan on having dinner on the patio just yet.

Enjoy Chris Rea – Driving Home for Christmas:

San Diego Sunset

Picture Perfect
Last week, as Floyd and I were walking out of the local Von’s, we were awed by the beautiful sunset. We quickly pulled out our phones and took pics. Several other people in the parking lot had the same idea.

Well, when we got home and looked at the pics they didn’t even come close to capturing the vivid colors of the evening sky. Not to worry, though. I figured if we tried to capture the amazing sunset, others, with better equipment, probably took better pics and posted them online. Sure enough, I found the beautiful image above, taken by local photographer Mark Lenoce.

As I began looking at Mark’s portfolio, I noticed he did weddings. Well, it just so happens that my son and his fiance are getting married here in San Diego in a couple of weeks and we needed a good photographer. Funny how things work out. Mark is our wedding photographer!

Anyway, enjoy Brian Wilson and Eric Clapton – The Warmth of the Sun:

We’re Having a Heat Wave

Staying Cool
The summer-long perfect weather we’ve had has finally come to an end. This morning I went outside at 5:30 and the temp was 64°F. By 11:30 it was 110°F in the backyard! It was so hot the dogs didn’t even want to go outside.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a few degrees cooler. Whew!

The Santa Ana winds have been blowing all day keeping the humidity down even though tropical storm Kristy is pushing northward off the southwest coast of Baja. On the plus side, the storm is pushing warm water north so the local ocean temps have stayed above 70°. A perfect time to go to the beach.

In the meantime, enjoy Craig David – Hot Stuff (let’s dance):