Road Trip


Driving Through Flyover Country
Watching the weather reports of the cold front moving down from Canada into Texas brings thoughts of the great weather we had on our road trip to Austin a couple of months ago.

It’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the coast and head into the wide open spaces of the southwestern desert. Some places are exactly as they were 20 years ago and some places belie what travel will be like in the future. In California and Arizona we have security check points now. Cars and truck funnel through a gauntlet of cameras aimed at every angle possible to scan the front, back and side of each vehicle and the passengers inside. It might be fun to wear one of those fake noses with a mustache just to mess with the facial recognition cameras.

The only problem we had on the road was getting a flat tire just outside of Lordsburg, New Mexico. A nice fellow on a motorcycle on his way to Waco stopped to help Floyd change the tire. Other than that, we had a great time at the lake, the Tommy Bahama outlet store, Cabela’s sporting goods store and the new barbecue joint we found. Life is good.

Time to start planning our next road trip.

Enjoy some southern rock by JJ Grey & Mofro – Brighter Days:

The beautiful photo of Guadalupe River State Park is by Laura Vu.


The Return of Dallas

Back to Southfork
The hit TV series, Dallas, is coming back to our TV screens – via cable network, TNT.

The popular TV show was the single reason people all over the world knew where Dallas, Texas, USA was.

In the late 70’s my husband and I went to England with two of our dearest friends who were from Texas. One evening we were having dinner at a London restaurant and were talking to an English couple who asked us where we were from. I told them I was from Los Angeles and they knew exactly where the California city was located on the map.  When my friend, Susan told them she was from Ft. Worth, Texas they drew blank and said they had never heard of it.

Who knew that just a couple of years later, In 1980, 83 million people around the world would tune in to see “who shot J.R” –  the most watched “non-finale” show in history.

Anyway, the gray-haired bunch will include Larry Hagman 79, Patrick Duffy 62, and Linda Gray 71, playing their original roles as JR, Bobby, and Sue Ellen Ewing. No word yet if Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton or Steve Kanaly will return.

Texas Music
Nowhere but Texas could you have a hit song that’s actually a super bowl commercial for a grocery store, H-E-B. We call it Hebe. Enjoy Jack Ingram singing “You Can’t Spell Texas Without H-E-B:

Nowhere But Texas

Two Men Riding a Horse and a Mule Arrested for DWI
First of all, in the City of Austin, it is legal to ride a horse on a public street. The riding became a problem when Jose Rios and Samuel Olivo began yelling at patrons in bars on 6th street to come out and take pictures of them on their horse and mule.

According to the arrest affidavit, an officer saw Rios riding the mule near East Sixth Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. Officers smelled alcohol, then summoned members of the department’s DWI team, which has special training in arresting drunken drivers.

The affidavit said that Rios had bloodshot eyes and was swaying, staggering and stumbling, and that he told officers he’d had “two vodka and cranberry drinks.”

The document also laid out state laws for drunken driving, saying that a mule fit the legal standard for a “motor vehicle” — “a device in, on or by which a person or property is, or may be, transported or drawn on a highway.”

Their crime, according to the officers: driving while intoxicated.

Jose Rios, 33, and Samuel Olivo Jr., 48, were both hauled to the Travis County Jail, but a judge refused to sign off on charges against Olivo and he was freed after a few hours.

Rios’ wasn’t so lucky.

“It was obviously a danger to the public when you have two animals on a roadway,” said Austin police Cmdr. Jason Dusterhoft. “Although it is not against any city law to ride animals on streets, drivers were having to steer around the group.”

On Monday, prosecutors reviewed similar laws in other states, including Pennsylvania and Ohio, where such cases have been heard but ultimately have not stood up in court.

“We were surprised there is more case law on drunken cowboys in Ohio and Pennsylvania than we found in Texas,” County Attorney David Escamilla said.

Prosecutors have since dropped the charges against Rios.

It was unclear Tuesday who owned the animals or why the men brought them downtown.

Enjoy Toby Keith with Willie Nelson – Beer for My Horses:

A Change in the Weather

Hurricane Season
Over the past few days, Hurricane Hermine has wreaked havoc on it’s journey from the Texas coast up to Oklahoma. Hurricane season is in full swing. Thank goodness we changed the date of our trip to Texas!

Remnants of the huge storm are moving north-east now and there should be rain in New York by Sunday. The raincoats will be out in time for Fashion Week in the Big Apple.

Enjoy a feast of trumpets from Jon Faddis with the Dizzy Gillespie Sextet – Here’s That Rainy Day:

Summer Road Trip


Plans for our summer vacation began with the idea of going to England with my dad and taking a
few extra days to hop the Channel over to France for some serious wine tasting. Then we had our
taxes done. Anyway, we decided the old trip to Austin would be good, with a stop in Oklahoma
to see the kids. Ya’ know, one man’s tower is another mans windmill.

Photo by Pierre Jarry

Watch Rascal Flatts sing Life is a Highway: